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Jun 5, 2007
Has anyone been able to Import a schedule with Sabre Crew Track? I have been doing it manually and it is a pain

Found a little luck importing. I had been trying the "Generic CrewTrac Sabre System" import filter selection on the online Schedule Importer without any luck, just errors. I just now tried the "Generic Crewtrac Bidlines (PDF)" selection on the Import Filter and got it to import. Here's what I went through:

1. Log into Crew Trac via
2. Select "pairing print" on the left under Options
3. Enter your pairing number and date and submit
4. Select "show printer friendly version"
5. Copy everything on the pairing, beginning at the pairing number and highlighting all the way to the end of the T.A.F.B line (go past the end of the T.A.F.B. numbers)
6. Paste this information into the online Schedule Importer, Import Filter, using the "Generic Crewtrac Bidlines (PDF)"
7. Click "continue" to import
8. Follow the rest of the instructions that appear

For whatever reason, my 4-day pairing showed 5 days. Day 1 was blank. Day 2-5 were the correct 4 days. When I imported it to my Treo 650 and ran the APDL program, it asked me what day to import the pairing. After trial and error, since there were too many days on the pairing, and the first day was a blank day, I simply chose to import the pairing one day early. I then selected edit and delete the logpage for the blank day. Another issue is that it did not import the pairing number into the pairing number field. It put a portion of a date stamp in the pairing field, so I had to edit that and hand-enter the pairing number on each day.
Works for me this way also, but lately my scheduled times are showing up as actual times, with the scheduled times blank.
This may not be the same issue you're having, but if you need to see Actual and Scheduled times, under Options on the main CrewTrac screen, select View Schedule and then the month of the pairing you need to see, Submit, scroll your mouse over the pairing until you get the crosshairs, and Right click the mouse, then select Inquire. Look at the page and you'll see a Latest/Actual Times with a drop down menu next to it. The drop down will allow you to select Original Scheduled Times. I haven't tried it, but you may be able to copy the page and put it into the APDL schedule importer. Regardless, now you have a way to see both the original schedule and what actually occured. Hope this helps.
Thanks, but I do have the scheduled times active, even so, when you pull up the pairing (print pairing) it shows scheduled. Thanks anyways.
Thanks, but I do have the scheduled times active, even so, when you pull up the pairing (print pairing) it shows scheduled. Thanks anyways.

You may have missed something I wrote. Don't go to the pairing print if you want to see the Original Schedule. Go to Options, View Schedule, Submit, put the cursor over the pairing you want and it turns into a little "+" symbol (crosshairs), Right mouse click and a pop-up box shows, select "Inquire", you'll get an inquire screen that's mostly black and blue, now where it says, "Latest/Actual Times" toward the top left, click on the drop down menu next to it, you'll have the option to select "Original Scheduled Times". As soon as you select Original Scheduled Times, the system will execute the update of the screen so don't interrupt it by doing anything until the screen refreshes and you get to see your Original Scheduled Times. Hopefully that helps.