Extremely Frustrated!


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Sep 5, 2006
To NC Customer Support,

I am extremely frustrated in my attempts to get my licensing information from your company. I recently experienced a CPU crash and as a result had to do a clean install of windows XP. Anyhow, I got Logbook Pro reinstalled, got my my backup file in place and restored my database. Tried to use my license number, username, and company info., to unlock the software. And subsequently can't get it to work. Now it is entirely possible that i have a hyphen out of place, a number written down wrong concerning my license #, whatever. The bottom line is; my repeated attempts to get my licensing info., from you guys has been totally futile. I have emailed countless times, both directly via the company contact link and through the various worthless links provided to me in order to get my licensing information. Not only that, I had to re-register my user status because the links that you provided to my hotmail account are unusable.

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It sucks that I have to put out all this personal information. Maybe if you guy's would list an actual phone number for customer service contact purposes I wouldn't have to.

Greg Guy
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Hello Greg,

Please review the Lost Unlock Code section of the policies for automated systems to regenerate your license for you. If you require additional support, please purchase the rekey service as listed in this section of the policies. Should you require further assistance, please submit a support ticket and we'll gladly assist you promptly.

Please do not post registration information or your personal e-mail address on the public forum as it may be picked up by search engine systems and subject you to spam. I have removed this for your protection.

What is the deal here? I can't get your system to generate an unlock key code emailed to my hotmail account. I purchased my software before Sep. 5th, 2005. What do we need to do here so that I can unlock my software?


Please fill out a support ticket if you require further assistance beyond the tools available outlined in the Lost Unlock Code section of our policies, which include the registration recall center. Enter the e-mail address used during the purchase then click Submit. If you ordered on or after 9/12/2005, you can view prior orders from the "Account" section of our store. Click here to login and view.