FAR 121 Reports

Hello Chris,

I'll look into #1 - thanks for the report.

I could certainly have a date prompt appear when generating the FAR 121/135 report so you can set an "As of" date. The problem comes in when sending report snapshots to the device, you wouldn't want to have to answer this prompt everytime you performed a sync. It may be an option that can only be done from the PC. I'll explore the options, I'm working on 1.11.8 now.

I'm almost done with 1.11.8, it should be released by the end of the day Monday if all testing passes. I am going to have to update the apps to not allow schedule importing unless a default aircraft is selected, it is a required item to sync, Logbook Pro PC cannot make a flight log entry without an Aircraft Type. I've entered a case to ensure updates for both Android and iPhone have this implemented in the next update.

The Aircraft Ident should not be required to sync but it is throwing an error on the PC side - that's now fixed in 1.11.8. To resolve this just appease the system by specifying something such as simply a "N" in the default ident in Settings/Schedule Importer.

The warning periods for both currency and FAR 121/135 were not being persisted in Options/Currency - this is now resolved. Thanks for finding this issue.

The last item I have to implement is allowing you to choose a reference date for the FAR 121/135 reports when run on the PC side. The Lookback report does this so it's just a matter of implementing the same thing. I should have it completed this evening.

That should take care of it. Thank you for your patience.
Hello Chris,

Version 1.11.9 is now available to correct the issues you raised and add a new feature to FAR 121/135 reports allowing you to do a look ahead on your limits.

Thanks for the feedback and allowing us the opportunity to better serve your needs.