FAR 135 Lookback Totals Are Incorrect


New member
Feb 9, 2011
For some reason my week and month lookback totals are always correct, but my calendar year total is WAY off. When I use the analyzer and select a start date of 1 calendar year ago and an end date of today, the total is different (466 in analyzer vs. 57.8 in lookback report). 57.8 doesn't match any other total, and is less than I've logged in the last 2 months alone, so I can't figure out where it's getting this number from. I've double checked sync and dates on all my logbook entries.

It's hard to help you without seeing your data. Please send us your Logbook Pro Backup (File..Backup) via the help desk and give us the full details and we'll gladly take a look at how you're logging things and determine the issue.

Make sure you're not confusing 1 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2010 with 1 Jan 2010 to TODAY which is a different date range. Set the dates manually if you want. Also review your spreadsheet log area to make sure the dates are correct. Typically a problem like this is an errant date entered such as 1/1/010 instead of 1/1/2010. Scroll to the very top row and view the dates on the first entries. Also click the button on the toolbar that has the lightning bolt in the image and perform an error check on your data.