Filter Data


Jul 16, 2002
Ok, I'm a much better pilot and flight instructor then computer operator. ;-)

When I enter a comment in the remarks column it typially looks like this:

Joe Johnson: traffic pattern ops, normal/soft/short takeoff, normal/short landing, go-arounds

It's the students name and what we did. How do I filter the remaks column to just show a certain students name? I know in Ms-Access I just highlight the filter criteria and push the filter button and shazam! It works. I tried that in LogbookPro and it just takes me to the end of my logbook and doesn't do anything. Any suggestions? I know how to search for records using the binoculars, but filtering and then sorting by date would accomplish my goal better becuase that's how I crosscheck my logbook with a students. TIA!

Aaron G.
Hi Aaron,

That's not possible in the current version. We are looking at this in the next version.

Bummer! That would be an awesome feature. What does the 'Filter Visible Data' (funnel w/lightning bolt) button
do in the logbook spreadsheet view? I checked the help file and it doesn't say.

Aaron G.