Export issues


Sep 23, 2008
I'm attempting to export LBP entries from LBP to Excel. I've tried direct export as well as .CSV (The new Excel does not allow you to moderate the export, it simply opens it how it thinks is best). What happens is that the DATE field is filled with "#######" and the remarks field that I've filled with crew names and the like gets broken up. I.e., it will have one crew name and then Excel creates a new row and puts another crew name, followed by another column with another name. All I want to do is copy my flight time to the cross country time column in LBP which does not allow that natively.

So I get entries that look like this:

1 XXXXXX | model | ID| time | legs | times . . . .| joe smith|
2 joe bob | jane smith |
3 XXXXXX | model | ID| time | legs | times . . . .| joe smith|
4 joe bob | jane smith |

Name or text # 2 is in the same column as date, next text item under model.
Thanks for the quick response. Glad to see the ##### was so simple, but unfortunately the remarks issue is not. I've viewed the .CSV and exported as .TXT as well and there are no commas in the remarks field.
OK, I figured it out. It appears that Excel does not like how the REMARKS field is set up when one has the default columns displayed in LBP. I eliminated DUAL, EXPENSE, SOLO, etc... several columns that are irrelevant for my current logbook via the logbook options menu.

Once the total page width was reduced before exporting to Excel, it was happy to leave all the remarks in the right place without needing to create a new row with the remaining data. I don't know why the width was creating the problem, but there you have it.