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FLICA import


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Apr 19, 2008

I am using flica to import my trips to logbook pro. I wait till the end of the month then import the trip data.

As you may know, FLICA displays its trips in local time which causes a problem in the block time calculation for logbook pro. There is no way in FLICA to have ZULU displayed (I asked and they said NO but they may make it avail someday..) so... Is there anyway for the importer to look at the BLOCK time from flica and not the IN/OUT time and make the calculation (I assume that is what LBP does). It seems that it would be easier for the importer to just use the block time already calculated by flica and the data is there..


I understand that, but is there anyway the online importer could just look at the "Block Time" field from the flica trip sheet and convert that to the number that LBP uses...


Have the online importer look at the "Block Time" number from FLICA and convert that to the LBP format (which is # of minutes, I believe)

WE 115 JFK-MSY 2056 0026 0430 0632 0632 0841 MSY 0924

Currently it looks at the block in/out (2056 0026) for a calculated block time of 330 and converts that to minutes in the export file for LBP(210).

Can it just look at the Total block field (0430) and convert that to minutes for export to LBP?

That would easily solve the time zone issue.. Seems like an easy fix to one of the filters

There is also a TBLK field that has the total block for the day or trip, maybe that could be used?


I hope I am not being a pain in the 'six. Just trying to find a way to get this to work without writing my own script. I have one but it is labor intensive and this online importer is so close to working great...

J5065A : 18MAR ONLY ON TUE BSE REPT: 1635L Operates: Mar 18 Only Base/Equip: JFK/E90 CA01FO01
TU 38 JFK-ROC 1732 1913 0141 0026
TU 33 ROC-JFK 1939 2101 0122 0041
TU 1109 JFK-RDU 2142 2325 0143
0446 0503 0705 RDU 1720 D-END: 2340L (NR 900) REPT: 1700L Sheraton Capitol Cente (919)834-9900 WE 1106 RDU-JFK 1813 2015 0202 0041
WE 115 JFK-MSY 2056 0026 0430
0632 0632 0841 MSY 0924 D-END: 0041L (RR 800) REPT: 1005L Whitney Wyndham Hote (504)581-4222 TH * 118 MSY-JFK 1046 1425 0239 0251
TH 72 JFK-SYR 1716 1851 0135 0027
TH 75 SYR-JFK 1918 2100 0142
0556 0602 1010 D-END: 2115L T.A.F.B.: 5240
Total: 1714 0000 0000 1737 2556
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The times can be modified prior to import into Logbook Pro in one of two ways.

1st. You can import the trip into the SI and modify the times in the SI before creating the file to be imported into Logbook Pro.

2nd. You can open the CSV file that is created by the SI in Excel and modify the times there prior to import.