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Flight Numbers not showing in Logbook Pro....


New member
Jun 16, 2005

I am using APDL logbook on my palm to keep track of my flying when I am at work..
when I sync it to logbook pro, everything is entered correctly except my flight numbers in logbook pro.. they dont show up. How can I get my flight numbers to be entered into logbook pro.. when I sync?

Hi Eric,

Currently Flight Numbers are not sync'd to Logbook Pro via SingleSync. We are discussing how to improve the sync from APDL to Logbook Pro now that they are 'both under the same roof' with NC Software. We have already outlined a feature request in our tracking system of what needs to be added to the sync process to gain a more complete transfer of data from APDL to Logbook Pro. Hopefully we'll be able to accommodate in the coming months.