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For ALL SWA Pilots


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Mar 30, 2007
Hey guys, hope this info will help if you have import probs from CWA.

I couldn't get my Feb schedule to import. I thought I had looked over everything.

Opening up a help ticket, neal got it resolved pretty quickly.

Before importing from apdl.net, double check the trip data at the beginning. For some reason, after the last IT update from SWA; it puts the trip number and date twice.

Just delete the extra trip number and date, processed and imported right away. CSV import has bugs, especially if you are trying to use the data from the SWAPA logbook app. Not having a success on a resolution right now.

The regular trip import works fine though, as long as you delete the extra trip info added.

Hope this helps some of you SWA folks, that might be having import issues.