Full-Size Carry Model Binder problem


Feb 12, 2002
Hi Neal,

I just received today the 'Full-Size carry model' binder.It looks great! I printed out my entire logbook, and it will not fit. I used the 'Premier' template, and it printed the pages lengthwise, like a regular logbook. Ok great, however, the Binder dimensions are like a regular 3-ring binder, with the actual '3-rings'. How do I fit these pages into this particular book? If the pages are to be left lengthwise, then they will hang out of the side. They will also not be able to use all 'three' rings of the binder, for they will be too short. My ATP checkride is this Friday, and I will need this logbook.
Please help!! :-(

Thanks, Aloha

BTW I am using the most recent version 1.7. Thanks again.
The MGOent Premier, Old World, Universal reports are for the Premier and Old World binders only. The Full-Sized binder is ALL other reports in Logbook Pro. Print out the standard Jeppesen report and that is designed for 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

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Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Ok....So I printed out a couple of pages using the Jepp Report Standard format, and it still prints all the data lengthwise. As you well know lengthwise will not work in this binder. What can be the problem?
Thanks again, (pulling my hair out) :)
If you are saying Landscape (wide page) vs. Portrait (tall page), yes that is the way most of the reports print out. I don't know why this won't work, if you turn the binder so the rings are at the top, that is how you should be viewing your logbook data.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.