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GLA Schedule Import???


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Feb 5, 2003

A while back I was asking how to import a format from Crewtrac for our airline. We are using crewtrac version 5.0.0.

Attached is a monthly "print" of a persons schedule. I have changed some information there for confidentiality reasons. We cannot print to a PDF.

What we can do is go into a persons line and print each individual pairing and import, however, that is time prohibitive for the schedulers.

I will include a full month with pairing details, this does not provide the other crew members information. The individual pairing print does include the other crew.

Any help would be appreciated.



  • d1015pairing sample.txt
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For the month?

I know I can do it if I print out each pairing and email it, but can I do that for the sample month file?

Now what...


I cut and pasted the SAMPLEMONTHPAIRINGDETAIL.TXT file into the schedule importer (Version 6.1.3). I then choose each "Generic Crewtrac" option and import. The same reply on each one was:

"Check the trip format unable to find all data."



I have full access to Crewtrac. However, to get individual pairings to print out, I have to open each one (inquire) and then print.

When I print from the month view I get what is in the SAMPLEMONTHPAIRING.TXT file.

Did you do a report to get them individually?

Does your company have a web based system so you can do it at home? We support such a long list of airlines that at the moment things are too different between airlines to accept multiple pairings. We have a redefined version of the importer being created now that will probably have capabilities to support some monthly imports.

You can email that one monthly file and just extract each trip individually when you are using the importer.
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Nope, we don't have anything where you can do it at home. Right now things are streched pretty thin around here.

Okay...I'm working here. I have it down so that I can print the month and get a "pairing" extracted. Attached is that pairing. I have to use either the Mesaba Modified Pairing or the Shuttle America (modified pairing) filter to get it to import. One thing that I do not see here is a duty off time, in either case. It is importing the days correctly.

Is there a way to setup a filter that will look at the last scheduled block in time at the end of the day and add 15 to it for a duty off time?

Thanks for your help,


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I will probably add a generic filter to support this extracted format. But that is good that you found the filter that supports this style. We may support custom schedule add-ons like it being able to figure out to add 15 minutes to the schedule. The problem is that all airlines that use crewtrac don't always have the same duty off time of 15 min. So filter usage would become a problem when one company starts using another's filter because the format is similar.

But stay posted for new versions as we are always trying to add new features.
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Hey Josh,

I can work with what I've got. Thanks for all of your help!

I also work for GLA, but do not have the access to crewtrac. What I do is open the bid package (emailed to us) with note pad and cut and paste pairings into a generic filter. My question is this. If we wanted to cut and paste several pairings to the importer all at once is there code we can enter to block out days off? so that we can pick the first day for the first pairing to start and import the whole month at once. I'm just messing around here, trying to figure out how to write a pairing for a day off so that I can import more than one at a time. The problem is that if you import say two pairings with a day off in between the importer doesn't see that day off. Again just messing around more than anything. Also if you use the downloaded version of the importer to import a huge pairing, the window that pairing shows up in does not fit on the computer desk top screen (at least of my laptop). It goes off the screen, and you can't drag and drop it enough to reach any of the buttons--thought that was interesting let me know if you have the same experience. It has to be a pretty long paring (actually for me it was a couple pairings stacked up)