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New member
Dec 13, 2006
We are guaranteed a minimum of 4hrs pay for any day that we work, but if we are scheduled for (or fly) more than 4 hrs we are paid for the higher of the two. It is also based on how many days the trip is, i.e. if its a 2 day our min pay is 8hrs - 4hrs for each day. How should I have the preferences set up fto reflect that. This is for pay purposes only.

Paul Auman

APDL Developer
Staff member
May 30, 2005
Dunedin, FL
Tap (Options)(Preferences) and (Rig/Guarantees). Set Trip Rig to (Yes) and enter 4+00.

For any logpage with flying you will be credited a minimum of 4+00 hours. If you fly 4+12 you will be paid the higher.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.