Hard Drive Crash


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Oct 10, 2010
I am a VERY simplistic user of LogbookPro. I have used this software for more years than I can remember, and my computers hard drive just crashed.

I bought a new Net Book and loaded Logbook Pro from the CD I have and re-purchased the unlock code (because I cant find my code from a decade ago. I was sure I wrote it on the CD).

I used my flash drive to load the saved data from logbook pro and saved myself a ton of heart ache.

My question is this..... I swear that when I was using logbookPro on my old computer it had a section where I inputed my block times.

I don't see that anymore.

Did I lose all that data? Is it gone forever? I dont even see that column available anymore. I click on the little earth icon and it says I have the latest version.

I suppose it isnt the end of the world.... but I thought that was kinda cool to see.

Hello Mike,

Make sure you have the latest installed which is version 1.11.2. If you need the latest you can always download from here.

To show/hide fields right-click in the spreadsheet log and choose "Configure Display" or you can access it in the Options/Flight Log screen too (Config Display). You can hide columns you don't use, show columns available, etc.

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