Help with Outlook 07 Calendar Sync!

Chris B

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Sep 13, 2009
Hi, I have the latest APDL version on my Palm Zire 71. Ever since I upgraded my PC's to Office O7 and Outlook 07 from Office 03 I have not been able to sync my APDL data to my Outlook 07 Calandar on my PC. Im able to sync data from PC Calandar to my Palm but not vice-versa,

I have downloaded the Outlook 07 conduit from palm. I also reinstalled the new Palm One software - just in case!
Please help, Thanks
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Hello Chris,

I'm sorry but this is outside the scope of our support as it doesn't have anything to do with our product. Syncing your device calendar to Outlook is outside of our product. APDL data to your device calendar is something we control, beyond that we don't, I'm sorry.