History Area Problems

Steve Bott

Jul 19, 2005
Since upgrading I have tried to update history and add new events.

However, on entry toany cell "_ctivecell" appears and when exited only the letter A remains regardless of what was typed in.

When I select a date the error message "Not valid date format todays date will be set" appears.

The rest of the software seems to be functioning OK.

Any ideas?
Hello Steve,

When going to Options...History you should be able to add an event putting in the event name, number of months, i.e. 24, then check whether or not the event expires end of month (EOM) or not. I am not aware of any issues in this area, I just tested it and it's working fine here.


Thanks I've tried what you have said which is OK. However the problem lies not in options / history but in history itself.

Trying to enter an event, the event date and due date results in the problems described in my initial email.

I reinstalled the software. It did not cure the problem.

Thanks for the quick response. Date entry will not allow me to enter anything by typing. The popup calender will only allow todays date in event date and due date other than that it either locks the popup or leaves the due date blank.

Whatever event name I try to insert the drop down box allows a section but only leaves 'A' in the cell when moved to event date?

Let's try resetting the history data entry layout system and see if that resolves your issue. Open the History area, click the far left icon on the second toolbar row (small note icon with hand on top) then choose the RESET option on the bottom of the menu that appears. Restart Logbook Pro.

If the problem persists, please createa backup of your logbook (File..Archive..Backup) and submit your .BAK file with a support ticket for my review.

Once again thanks a lot. Great software first problem since 1999.
PS when will you roll out a JAR compliant version?