How capture CFI signature for dual flight


Jun 9, 2006
Richmond Hill, GA, USA
I have finally completely converted over to Logbook Pro, but now I realize I don't have any way for the CFI to enter a flight and signature into my logbook on dual instruction flights. I searched all the old postings in this forum, and they say to use a paper logbook! I thought the idea was to get rid of the paper logbook! I have printed out my LB Pro logbook and placed it in ring binders, and I can add blank pages at the end, but those pages don't have the blank format with column headers that are in my main logbook. Is there any way to print out blank pages just to use for instructor entries?
Hi Neil, as I mentioned in my original post, I have already read all the existing threads on endorsements. Is any way to print blank pages (pages with all the columns labeled and lines delineated) from LB Pro?
Thank you. A feature like that would be greatly appreciated. In the mean time, I have found a way to trick the printout to get almost what I want. In the Full Size series, there are 25 lines per page, so I add one dummy entry to the end of my logbook and print out 26 lines. Then, I 'Insert Cover Page & Binder Transitions'. That results in two pages being output ready for printing with the last double-page being blank except for my dummy entry. Then, I just cross out that one dummy entry and use the rest of the page for instructor entries.