How Do I Filter Unwanted Entries when syncing to LBP?

Chris Dobbs

New member
Jan 21, 2007
I am evaluateing APDL. I have a problem though. In order to get APDL to corectly calculate my pay I must enter entries for everything I'm paid for. So I created Payrole categories for Deadhead, Taxi Credits, Training, Vacation, JuniorMan, and Block. I have a few more but these will illustrate the question.

When I now want to import these into LBP, is there a way to filter only the entries that represent flights (JuniorMan and Block) and dump the rest? Filtering out entries that don't have flight times or city pairs listed wont help because Deadheads require this info to calculate my guarentee properly and deadheads also have the city pair listed to calculate perdiem properly. And these days we have a LOT of deadheads (don't get me started). And I don't see a payrole category column in LBP so I don't see how I could remember which was which when I sync at the end of the month. (plus needing to delete entries manually would suck anyways)

I would try it myself but I can't seem to get LBP to sync with APDL until I buy a liscense, which I don't want to do until I know it works.

Okay, so how does everyone else deal with this problem? Should I save my printed schedules and go through the entries in LBP to delete each one that isn't a flight?

I can't think of any other way to make my pay come out right in APDL.