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How do I get the updated Version 6 Unlock Code for my device?


Jul 29, 2005
I down loaded os version some time ago. then is switched to the pc version. then the company switch comes along. I got my e-mail about the v6 but fail to noticed in the e-mail that if you had switched to the pc version from the os version that you would need to request a new keycode. I have sent 2 problem tickets to NCsoftware with no response please help......

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Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
1) Please post a valid subject line to indicate the nature of your inquiry. "Fell in the crack" is not meaningful.

2) You should have received a support ticket number when submitting your support request. Feel free to post that here and inquire upon the status and we'll gladly check our records.

3)Without knowing your name, we cannot assist with your inquiry, so I'm not sure the objective of your post here as it doesn't help us resolve your issue.