Please help! I screwed up the install of ver 6


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Jul 4, 2005
I got the email with the ver 6 keycode and ran the install program to my Palm, but the program still comes up as version 4.3.1 (it doesn't ask for the unlock code or anything)

I may have screwed it up by not having enough room on the palm. I removed some programs and tried to reinstall, but no luck.

During the first hotsync(attempt #1, with possibly not enough room), the hotsync showed "installing handheld applications", all attempts after that only showed updating existing programs and backing up the database.

It seems like the palm thinks the program is already installed and wont reinstall it??

Help!! I want ver 6


I suggest uninstalling Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation LogbookPalm Edition from your PC, then reinstall which will queue another hotsync. You may want to uninstall APDL from your Palm device prior to installing version 6, your data should remain intact. If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket.


I tried the uninstall and reinstall, which did direct a hotsync, but it didn't say "installing new handheld applications"

Boy... I'm nervous about uninstalling from the palm... I have alot of data on there (1 years worth) And previously had only partial success in synching with LogBook Pro. I've been meaning to try to fix that problem but procrastination has prevailed. Maybe I'll try the support ticket.

Thanks again,