How do I move LBP, my harddrive won't boot anymore?

yankee clipper

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Jul 1, 2006
My hard drive won't boot anymore.

How do I move my LBP software to another computer? As I can't access the LBP right now.
Sorry to hear this! I hope you have a backup or use our Cloud Backup service? If you did use the cloud backup service you can download your latest cloud backup from the portal directly to your new computer.

Download Logbook Pro to your new computer, install it, activate it with your issued code (click here if you need assistance finding it). Restore your prior and recent backup on startup by choosing the RESTORE option when prompted with the NEW / OPEN / RESTORE dialog.
Hi Neal,
Yes I have back-ups, also the data recovery was successful.

I remembered when I bought the "now broken" computer I had to do something "special" on the old computer to transfer the license to the "now broken" computer.

Just want to make sure.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Hi Neil,

Transferring my LBPro to a new computer. Backup of the files is complete, Software loaded to the new computer, but the most recent activation code in My Account (2012) is being accepted. Thoughts