How do I uninstall the Update Manager?


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Feb 5, 2005
This annoying program was installed with Logbook Pro without my knowledge or permission. Although I've disabled automatic updates, it continues to pop into my task bar regularly, which tells me that it is indeed running on my machine whether I want automatic updates or not. This is too close to wormware for comfort. It seems that the program didn't come with an uninstaller. How do I permanently uninstall this program?
The Update Manager is an InstallShield third party product our software uses to check for updates and deliver updates to you efficiently ensuring you have the latest information available. Every software application installs items that are relevant to the application in use and the end user doesn't always have a choice as to what is installed or not as they are vital to the application for functionality. InstallShield does have a support article on how to uninstall the Update Manager if desired, but this is not recommended as our software relies on this for update functionality. The Update Manager is actually used by quite a bit of software applications and is becoming more common therefore is universally installed to the system. You may uninstall Update Manager now and see it appear again from another software application that utilizes it as well.

Also Install Shield keeps giving me an error of 13004 saying the you dont recognize my product and it is not registered. It also happens when I click on check the web for updates. I re-entered my key code and tried again to no avail????

1.9.8 is installed as instructed. The problem actually began with the previous version and since it wouldn't update, I got online to check for updates. That's how I came across version 1.9.8. The error message says 13004 Version not registered with agent, Contact vendor for updates. Hope that helps.


I'm not sure why the update system isn't registering the product on your computer. If you click Start..Program Files...Logbook Pro...Check for Updates do you still get this error? If so, you may want to uninstall, reboot, delete the 'Logbook Pro' group from the Program Files menu (right-click it and Delete it) then reinstall Logbook Pro and see if that resolves your issue. It's minor and it may be another conflict such as a firewall, etc. so I'm not sure what to tell you to resolve it as it's not a critical issue.