How to enter a ground trainer (not aircraft specific) in logbook pro?


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Nov 2, 2015
As part of both private and instrument training I have received and logged ground trainer time (Frasca 141), it is not an aircraft-specific simulator, just a generic simulator to practice BAI flying. How would I enter that time in Logbook Pro?

First, let me emphasize that however YOU log in YOUR logbook is completely YOUR decision. I was taught early in my flight training that MY logbook is MY record of my flying time and that I could log it in the way that I believed was the best. That being said, it is also a legal document that will stand up in court, so obviously you shouldn't log in such a way that you know is incorrect either.

The following is MY OPINION on how logging the ground trainer time should be logged, and is how I have done it myself in my personal logbook. Logbook Pro does not have a specific category set aside for a ground trainer as you have used. However, you can create an "aircraft" in the Logbook Pro Options/Aircraft area and set the options as close as possible to fit that ground trainer. In my case, I set mine to airplane/single engine land/piston which is what type of aircraft I used the trainer for. Then I checked the "simulator" checkbox and entered details in the notes for where it was and what type of trainer it was (frasca in your case). When it comes to logging "flights" using that trainer, it is my understanding that there should be a serial number of some kind that is to be used when logging sim time. I put that in the "N-number" field. For times, it is my understanding/belief that sim time should be logged as "simulator" and nothing else. No duration, no day/night, nothing else. The last thing that could be logged would be approaches and landings if the sim is certified for landings.
It's my understanding that simulated instrument can also be logged as that's how 141 gets by lowered costs with simulated instrument than flying a airplane.
This came from a pilot forum for my company. Keep in mind SIM time IS NOT flight time.

According to the FAR's you need the id, type and city.

(iii) Location where the aircraft departed and arrived, or for lessons in a flight simulator or flight training device, the location where the lesson occurred.

(iv) Type and identification of aircraft, flight simulator, flight training device, or aviation training device, as appropriate.