How To.


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APDL Beta Team
Dec 9, 2003
Chicago, IL
First, how do you import via DECS (American Eagle employee)?

Also, can you import your schedule from a previous month, and have it import your flight times into APDL so it is easier to sync into logbook pro without having to reenter?
If the DECS filter is not working for your schedule, you will have to send us a copy of the trip that is not working using our support ticket system.

You can put in a previous month I believe.


Any updates on how to do this? If not im going to have to put a ticket in. Do we do a HI2, and copy/paste the whole month into the schedule importer? I know there are other AA/AE users out there who have gotten this to work.
What's up J.R.? C.S. here from Z98 -- leave these guys alone will you?? Just kidding. Still having no luck with APDL and getting it to calculate pay for airport ready reserve. Waiting on a support ticket. Call me.