HP IPAQ 3700 Pocket PC


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Jan 19, 2005
After downloading the last / greatest version of Logbook Pro, I installed the PDA Companion as per the instructions and recieved several messages. While downloading, I got the message that this software was for an earlier version. After the download was complete, I did a Active Sync and tried to open up the program on the PDA. I recieved Error: -2147206501 The data base to which you are trying to connect does not exist. I emailed support and recieved a case number of SPT-050119.13068 but have not been contacted.
Hello Bradley,

The error is indicative of a failed/incorrect installation to the Pocket PC. This is usually caused by not specifying the database path in the ActiveSync setup as shown by the top arrow in Figure 4 of the Pocket PC installation documents. I suggest installing ActiveSync 3.8 (link at the top of this forum) and reaccomplish the installation procedure. The error message means it cannot find the data file on the Pocket PC.