I can't sync APDL to Logbook Pro


New member
Oct 23, 2005
I have registered both Logbook Pro and APDL. I have the most current versions of both. I have downloaded and installed the single sync software.
But, when I sync my Palm Treo 650 I get the reports on my computer but nothing goes to my logbook. I have already tried hitting the F5 key and refresshing after the Sync. What else can I try?

If you've confirmed your SingleSync setup, including the correct Palm Username on the first SingleSync configuration wizard page, and the checkbox at the top of Wizard Page 3, and lastly your Logbook Pro data file designated, please submit a support ticket including both the "apdl_synclog.txt" and "conduit.txt" files located in C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\APDL. You may want to double-click and view the apdl_synclog.txt as the error may be obvious, i.e. you haven't entered your APDL registration username/unlock code as sync is deactivated while in evaluation mode.
Thank you !!! I have beating my head against the wall for six days trying to figure this out. I never checked the box on page 3 of the singlesync program. Now it works!!

Thanks again.