I Phone or the Touch question


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Jan 25, 2006
So I am going to acquire my dad's touch that he no longer uses. I am also considering an I-Phone in August when I am up for a new contract.

My question: If I buy the cloud subscription for $19.95 tomorrow when I get the touch, that is only good for that one device, correct? So If I got the I-phone in August, I would have to buy another subscription for that? or I could buy the $34.99 which covers multiple devices, is that right?

Also, the only way to get the data to/from the touch or I-Phone is to buy a subscription for the cloud sync yearly, is that correct?
Hello Chris,

The cloud sync device subscription is for one piece of hardware. There is a provision for replacing hardware as discussed in the cloud sync info page. If you intend to use multiple devices such as any device that works with our cloud sync system (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7) then the cloud sync universal (aka "user") subscription would be the better option.

Apple does not allow 3rd party apps to sync via cable so the only way to sync is through the cloud.