Jun 4, 2006
Many years ago I purchased Pilot's Computer Logbook from Sharkbyte Software. This is a Filemaker Pro database that runs in the "run time" mode, which means I cannot do anything with the data, such as export it. The files are standard Filemaker Pro database files with a ".fp5" file suffix.

I just purchased Logbook Pro and in only a few minutes I saw that it is far superior to what I've been using. Do any of you know how I can extract the flight log data from those Filemaker files so I can import them into Logbook Pro? There are almost 1,700 flights involved and I really don't want to input them into Logbook Pro manually!

If you have Microsoft Office, have you checked to see if Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access can import these files? I haven't worked with FileMaker Pro before. I'm sure something out there can convert or read those files, we just have to find out what. If you'd like, zip compress the data file(s) and submit them in a support ticket and I'll take a look as well.
Thanks for the quick reply, Neal. On a hunch, I copied the data files to a computer where I had Filemaker Pro 7 available, and once the data files were upgraded to FM7, they were unlocked! I was able to export the data I need and will be able to import it into Log Book Pro with no problems...once I get my activation code.

I purchased the program from Sporty's earlier today. How long does it typically take to get the activation code via Email?
This is unbelievable customer service...and on a SUNDAY EVENING no less!

I have obviously made the correct decision to buy this program.

Thanks, Neal.
I guess I'm not out of the woods just yet...

I got my Unlock Code today and the program has been properly unlocked.

When I attempt to import the records from my old log, everything goes fine as the Import Wizard begins. It sees my data file and the data is all there, properly formatted. I can map my data to the appropriate fields in LBP, but both the "Import" and "Save Template" buttons are grayed out and unavailable! I can map the file, but I can't do anything with it!

What's wrong?
Make sure you have the minimum columns met which are: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). Tab off the last column selected so the system registers your last mapping if you're using the minimum column set.
Neal, you are the MAN! All imported perfectly...all 1,691 flights.

As far as the import problem I had, did I miss something in the instructions and/or help file? I don't remember seeing anything about this problem there.