Import from APDAL 04 to 6


Oct 11, 2005
Cincinnati, Ohio
Just installed APDAL 6 and Pro.
I had Pro 4.02 and now I can not get it to install or read the previous 5 years of logbook entries without a long laborious process. Help. How can I get it to recognize the old style and put it in the logbook program with out such work.


Upgrading APDL from version 4 to 6 should not cause any data loss. Can you please explain the issue further so we may better assist with your inquiry. You may also want to search the forum and the APDL FAQ forum for tips on using the products.
Well, I have installed and synced my palm and then opened log book pro. I want to look back at my previous logs via the program and it has nothing on any dates and all the totals are zero. The information was not transfered into this program even though it is still contained on my Palm device.
I have been trying all sorts of stuff short of uninstalling and staring over.

When looking for information it is not looking for the files I listed it is looking for .lbk. My previous logbook program did not have pc support.

Help, after 6 hours of messing around I am upset.

The import PDA data portion of the logbook is not operational. How do I get that to work. I have downloaded and installed the single sync. I get the information on a html or csv report.
I do not have the IMPORT PDA DATA link operational on my logbook program.
I downloaded and installed the most recent single sync.
I get the csv and html reports however they are not going into the logbook.

Is it possible that the logbook is not recognizing the downloads.
or that my palm did not load Logbook Pro. It says on the about page Airline Pilots's Daily Aviation logbook for Palm OS. Version 6.02 build 120605.

Shouldn't Pro be on my palm?


The "Import PDA Data" button is for Logbook Pro's PDA Companions and not APDL. Please configure the SingleSync application per the included PDF documentation paying particular attention to SingleSync's Wizard Page 3 checking the top checkbox, designating your Logbook Pro data file and setting the Sync on or After date PRIOR to the first date of information you are trying to sync to Logbook Pro.

You can also view the APDL and SingleSync documention by clicking here. Logbook Pro's documentation by clicking here.