Import Trip...Paste and Process slow


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Aug 31, 2009
Has anybody else experienced this? I usually import my trips by copying the trip data, opening up APDL, selecting Import Trip, then Paste and Process. The problem is that the Sync and CrossCheck seems to interfere with that process. I can sometimes manage to get all the way to the window where I can paste my trip data, but by then the Sync/CrossCheck process has started and this seems to stall the import. It never imports.

What I started doing was waiting for the Sync/CrossCheck to complete before I started the Import Trip process. This seems to be take a little while now though. Today, it took 34 seconds from when I opened up APDL (from a resumed state) until the Sync/CrossCheck was finished. By the time I imported the trip, 60 seconds had elapsed. I know this doesn't sound like a long time when I write it, but it feels like it. Is there a way to have APDL wait once I go into Import Trip? I don't need a CrossCheck at this time.

I am on the latest version of APDL ( My iPad is also on the latest version of iOS 10.