Import wizard?


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Nov 19, 2001
LBP 1.9.5, XP home.

I use Handbase on my HP 2215 to record flight details. The database has a date field along with out, off, on, and in fields. These 4 fields are designated as "time" fields in Handbase. The import wizard has always worked.

This morning, when I attempted to run the import, when I selected the out time column to import into the out time field of LBP, I got an error msg: "The target for the column selected is aDATEdata type, and the source does not validate as a Date format. The import selection is not valid, please check your selection."

Any idea as to what is happening here?
I'm guessing without seeing any data that it only has time 'hh:mm:ss' and no DATE portion.

You are correct. The Handbase times fields (Out, off, on, and in) ARE in the hh:mm:ss format. And always have been. This is the first time it hasn't worked, though.
The only thing I can think that is different is I switched from an Casio E-125 to an HP 2215. But Handbase is the same version number on both devices and the data file is the same, as well.

The issue is nota "show stopper" for me and I'll investigate further, when I have time.


Edited to add: Actually, now that I think about it, didn't MS change something about the PocketPC database structure when they released the latest PPC operating system? Maybe I'll ask the Handbase folks.
Not sure, how about your Regional settings? They the same on both PPC's? This is venturing outside the bounds of Logbook Pro support, so hopefully you can resolve this issue with Handbase to Logbook Pro.