Importer issues


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Jul 22, 2004
The new version of the importer has a major flaw. If I have two or more trips that are the same pairing number, it seems to only import the last one, requiring me to download each trip individually. Major pain in the rear.

I'm using the SkyWest importer. Also, it doesn't get the crew.
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The multiple trips in a month is a minor inconvenience easily overcome by downloading each trip individually and when saving the file during the download just name it something unique. We should have this issue resolved by the weeks end. If you have a problem with the importer not collecting all the information it should please submit a support ticket and include the trip data for us to test against and we'll gladly update our parsers to correct the issue.

I updated the schedule importer web portal so that each file in the "Download All" now has an _Value.pdb or _Value.xml where the "value" is an incremented number so all files will have a unique name and not be overwritten. Let me know if this resolves your issue or not. Regarding the parser issues, once we receive your trip samples we can work on that for you.