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Importing Approaches in 1.10.26


New member
Jun 2, 2007
I am trying to import my data from Flightlevel Logbook. Everything is fine for the most part except for importing approaches. I do not have the option in the importer of "APPROACHES & TYPE" for my tab delimited data definitions. How can I format my data for import so that it is compatible with the method 1.10.26 uses when you select approaches and specify the number of each? I would like to be able to go back to the imported flights, click on approaches & type and see the individual counts for approach type as I would be able to for a new logbook entry. Thanks!
Disregard the above... I figured out how to do it by making a new sample entry and exporting it to Excel to see how it was exported.

It turns out that you need to create a column for each type of approach ILS, NDB, SDF, etc. and then in each cell the number of each approach that you did for each logbook entry line. When you import the data it looks at the type and number and then makes the appropriate entry into your new logbook page. The only hard part was going back over 17 years of flying and figuring out how much of each approach I did and then entering each nu ber into the cells......