Importing Approaches

New member
May 10, 2004
Virgin Islands
The version of LBP (most current) does not appear to export the approach counts in EXCEL format (or CSV) for that matter. I would like to combine Remarks and a custom text field in the database, and was planning on using EXCEL to do this.

I tried using some SQL database tools to UPDATE rows but the version of the database will need to be upgraded and that seems like a can of worms.

Is there a way to either combine these fields inside the program or a switch for exporting the approach columns?

I was able to solve this problem by dumping the table using WINSQL in SS format. I then created the formulas to format the data and reimported it into LogBook Pro. I guess its a bit more complex than most folks would do but I am up and running with all my data!

Having spent the last few days getting to know the program and its features I must say "fantastic job!", this program is straight forward and feature rich. The years of R&D show through in the high level of function and finish!