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Importing Palm files from apdl


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Feb 4, 2007
I thought I saw earlier today on apdl.net a way to import my previous apdl data. Now I am home ready to find my palm files and I can't find that screen on apdl.net.

Until I can get my previously logged data, this program is WORTHLESS for part 117. The whole point of this is to calculate accumulated limits. What kind of company releases a new version of an application that doesn't allow you to migrate your existing data.

I think that my subscription should not expire until a year AFTER this most basic function works. Right now this app is mostly useless.
Far from worthless and useless, APDL will tell you by graying out the cumulative limits until it sees that you have the lookback data available. We are doing final testing on APDL.net's legacy importer now, should be available soon. There are many more aspects of the app that benefit you as well as getting your data input now and forward and you can pick up your historical once the legacy importer is done.

Not everyone has historical data, imagine the case of a brand new user using APDL. It doesn't make it useless, there are some numbers you just won't have valid until the date window has data to evaluate.
I'm not a brand new user. I've been inputting and importing my data into APDL for 12 years. I realize that you need to get new customers, but how about trying a little harder not to piss off existing ones. All your claims about being the only app able to calculate cumulative limits are so far false, unless I can migrate my data. What is the time frame here for me being able to calculate my 100/672, 60/168,1000/365, etc? Are we talking a couple of days, or 2016? This is what I've been waiting for and you clearly have not delivered.
As stated above:

We are doing final testing on APDL.net's legacy importer now, should be available soon

Has nothing to do with getting new customers, it's about putting the app in your hands. We have a lot more work to do, more great features to come, we can hold it a year or let you start using it now. We are working as hard and fast as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding.