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Jan 25, 2006
I use the reports, but do not import each flight into log book pro automatically, i do it manually. So every time i go to sync i have to type in a date in the future to keep it from entering any of the data automatically. Is there any way to tell it not to import each flight every time so i don't have to keep changing the date all the time?
If you're using the PDA Wizard it will find the last flight imported from APDL automatically. If you manually import data the PDA Wizard does not know when your last APDL flight was. It is highly recommended to use the synchronization features built in to Logbook Pro 1.10.26 and the PDA Wizard to sync in your APDL data.
I would use the sync system, except it will not enter the flights per "N" number as i want it. It will only do it by day. So i do not use the automated import function into the log book pro.
It sounds like you are trying to import by day and not leg. If you import by leg it will enter the flights as they were flown and keep all you N numbers.


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I do my logbook by N number. If I have one airplane the entire day I have one entry for that day. If I have 4 airplanes in one day, I have 4 entries for that day.
Sorry, that type of logging is outside the current capabilites of APDL. You must pick by day or by leg. It sounds like by leg would suit you best but it would create a few more lines in your logbook.
I understand that it is not supported to import the trips the way i do it; however, the question that i wanted answered was can I turn off the import feature. I want to use the reports that APDL creates, but i don't want to import any trips, yet every time i use the PDA Wizard I have to change the date to a future date so it won't import the trips. Can I turn it off so it will not import the trips at all yet it will still import the info for the reports?
The reports are always generated on ALL data and not the date filter (if I remember correctly). So you can try setting the date filter on the bottom of the PDA Wizard to today's day (I don't think it will allow a future date) and then run the process. You should have no data imported but your reports refreshed.