Install on Palm 700P


Jun 7, 2005
I will be changing to a Palm 700p (palm format) cell phone in a few days. Looking forward to only having one device to carry, vs Tungsten T5 and cell phone. The 700p is new. It is similar to the Palm 650 except more memory. I will do a hard reset of my old Tungsten T5 erasing all of my programs and restoring it back to the original install, then selling it. What is the best way to add my old data files, (archive 2004,archive 2005, logtimes from Jan 1, 2006, aircraft tail number, and airport data) from my T5, after doing a new install of APDL on my 700p? Also will my old registration number still be good or will I have to get a new one?

Thanks for the reply. Does this mean that I do not install APDL at all, just take the files you said and do a sync when I get my new 700p? As a little backround, my old palm (T5) was locking up alot so I don't want any programs or data from my old palm except for APDL (T5) to be on my new Palm (700p).
Thanks for the quick reply Neal. When my new palm comes in I will do as instructed. Do I go to tech support to reregister or is that done on this forum?