install problem


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May 6, 2003
Hi Niel,

I am trying to install the latest LB pro on a computer of a friend withwindows XP home. Wehave triedusing both the full download and the web install with the same results. Just as the install is completing this is the message that I get....... "Installsheld wizard complete. The wizard was interupted before logbook pro could be completly installed.The system has not been modified. To install this program at a later time, run the installation again. Click finish to exit the wizard."

The account has administrator rights and virus protection has been turned off.

Any Ideas?

Hi Craig,

I believe I have corresponded with this customer about this issue and I do not have any resolution. I researched InstallShield's site as well with no resolutions there. I suggest try creating a new profile, logoff the current user account, logon to the new user account and install there and see if that works. There appears to be a problem with the operating system that is causing the installation not to complete successfully and I don't have any suggestions where to steer you to get around this.

I will try the new account thing and let you know what happens......but just to let you know, we just started this install process late yesterday and I don't think she sent you anything on this, so this maybe the second instance of this occurring.
Quick note, I am finding this issue on InstallShield now and it appears to be a conflict with Windows XP SP2. Please don't do anything further until I reply here so you don't waste your time. I'll report back as soon as I have something.

oky doky....just tried the new account thing by the way and that didn't change the results.....will cease and desist till further notice!
Yeah, there is a ton of warning messages and a few information and a couple of errors.....I'm providing her support over the phone right now so I can't see all of the details.
This may take some time to research and find a resolution. In a few weeks I'll be releasing a new build as well, I will be testing for this issue to ensure it is resolved. I don't know that I'm going to have a quick fix as of right now. Can you or she please contact me via so I can provide an interim build should I be able to work this out soon.

I was going to setup a desktop connection so I could get you more info but I am running outta time. Just let me know what you might need if I can help you and I will get it for you ASAP.