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Installation Failure


Oct 11, 2003
I knew I shouldn't do it but I did and now I'm hooped! I did an upgrade of Logbook Pro to the latest version on your web site. I've used Logbook Pro for 5 years now and Ithink I've had the app crash every time I'vedone an upgrade. I uninstalled the existing version and then ran the downloaded exe ...

I get the error "The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is not available. Use feature from http://download.logbookpro.com/iftw

Can you help one extremely frustrated customer! I am connected to the internet at the time the installation is done and can access www.logbookpro.com


It's not a crash but your installation is not finding the update on the web site. Uninstall Logbook Pro, then click here to download the full installation. Once downloaded, run it from your computer.

That is exactly the same version I am trying to install. It's still trying to access this non-existant web site for some reason.


Confirm you downloaded the complete file download and it's asking for this resource? Odd! Can you uninstall Logbook Pro, reboot, then reattempt installing?

What OS are you using? If Windows 98/Me, try using Tweak UI (google it or get it from www.download.com) and it has a cleanup utility. If other OS's such as Windows 2000/NT/XP, then try the attached file "MSI cleanup utility" to remove the installation remnants from your system.

Nope, no luck. The error comes up when the uninstaller says "removing old versions" or something to that effect. Then when I close the error dialog I see a message that says "error 1714 - previous verson could not be removed".
I'm running XP Pro.

The only other option I can tell you is to try the "Active Web Install" from http://www.logbookpro.com/download.aspx and see if that works. The installer error you provided initially is pointing to this installation method.