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installation of 1.9.6 hangs up


May 31, 2004
I have downloaded the update 1.9.6. This I downloaded over my old LbproNoMSI. Then I uninstalled my older version of logbook pro through the control panel remove programs. Then tried to run the new downloaded LbproNoMSI program. The installation program started fineand ran ok untill it came to the Customer information page. After I clicked on next the button faded andthe program froze and nothing happens. Icanceled the installation.I then rebooted and tried toreinstall, still the same thing. Itshows that the next button has been pressed but theinstallation does not continue. I would appreciate any help ininstalling this update!
Did you have the Name and Company filled in? It does require this information for installation. If personal use, enter "Home" or "Personal" for company. The data is not used for anything at this time.

The company was not filled in. After filling it in with 'home' it worked just fine. I originally didn't think that a company was required. Thank you for the help!