Logbook Pro under Linux


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Oct 20, 2005
Just as a point of interest I've managed to install Logbook Pro running on the Suse 9.3 operating system Linux under Wine. It wasn't easy, but it had more to do with the Wine installation than anything else. For the most part version (in evaluation mode) runs everything but does have a few quirks.

The startup sound of the engine running doesn't work, but is probably as factor of my sound system/Wine interaction. The irritating oddities is that the popup menus have a dark brown rectangle covering the options and offset by two pixels to the right and down. Mouse over shows on the whitespace background which order on the popup menu list is being chosen though nothing can be read. However both the actual forms such as the Windows/Spreadsheet styles, preferences and other forms display properly. Not all the menu lists are blanked out with the rectangular boxes just primarily the popup boxes in the work area and second level menus. Most notably some of the icons will display the second level menus, so almost everything I checked seems to work.

Once during a trial install, it automatically upgraded to version 1.9.9 though it will not use the upgrade option. Perhaps that is a function of Wine trying to access the Internet with IE6 instead of the default Firefox browser. Or it might just loose focus on the permanent broadband connection.

I just found out a neat feature in the Help-->About menu selection that might tract down the further idiosyncracies. It looks like a few Drivers/DLLs might be incompatible, or at least seem to be very old.

Just thought you might be interested in my results, if you haven't had time to test it yourself.
logbook pro on ubuntu via virtualbox

ok ubuntu pilots i downloaded virtualbox and installed xp in it and have installed logbook pro and my backup file. works great and i did it on an HPMini 1030NR. its awesome. if you need some help just let me know.