iphone APDL?


New member
May 8, 2010
I think I remember reading about an iphone APDL app?? Am I crazy or are you really making one?

My HTC WING is tired and I want an iphone, but my beloved APDL is holding me back! ;)
Hello David,

APDL for the iPhone will not come until after Logbook Pro's next PC edition is completed, slated for the end of the year at the earliest. Logbook Pro PDA Companion for the iPhone is nearing completion. It mimics our PDA Companion product (General Aviation). APDL (FAR 121) is a much more involved product which will take 3-4 months to produce. We cannot delay Logbook Pro's PC edition any longer so we are doing the iPhone/iPad editions of the PDA companion product now.

Thank you for your inquiry.
Thanks Neal,

I'm new on the forum, but have used APDL for many years and through 4 different airlines. I don't know what I would do without it, I keep an effortless leg-by-leg logbook that's error free thanks to you guys. Keep up the good work and let me know when I can use it on an iphone (or an ipad since you mentioned it) and I'll buy one.

... I just hope my old HTC can hang in there until then!