Is Pocket Access meant to stay enabled?


Nov 19, 2001
/forums/emoticons/confused.gif Neal, something isn't working right with my PPC setup. I was able to get data from Logbook Pro PC to the PPC, and I've entered entries in my pda that I would like to sync back to the PC version. The 'import pocket PC data' option is not enable on my pc version and I checked activesync and found that pocket access option that I had previously selected during the setup was no longer enabled. Should the pocket access link remain on the activesync list of syncronization items?

Yep, I used the unlock key on both the PPC and PC.

The thing I notice, and that's why I asked about if pocket access is meant to stay enabled is when my PPC is in the cradle, and I select options on activesync, Pocket Access is not a selectable option (no chk box). It's only when I remove the PPC from the sync cradle do I have the check box available in the sync options of activesync. As soon as I chk the box for pocket access and click OK, I see Pocket Access as one of the items to be synced, but when I stick the PPC in the cradle, Pocket access disappears.

This is how it was when I got the original logbook info over to the PPC, so is this a PPC issue or a logbook pro issue. Suggestions Pls.
I don't see this situation when using my PPC is the only feedback I can provide you. I cannot provide tech support for the PPC or ActiveSync. However, if you have nothing to lose, I suggest a hard reset (cycle power) on the PPC and start over and see if that helps.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Before you take the more drastic measure of a hard reset, you may want to try to remove then re-install Activesync. Of course, ensure you have the latest version (3.6-not sure of the build number)

Thanks for the suggestion Busdriver. I've never had to hard reset my PDA for any reason, so obviously I'm hesitant to upset the apple cart. I did however update to the latest version of Activesync per your suggestion. The update had no effect on Activesync's behavior of not keeping Pocket Access as an enabled option once I stick my pda into its cradle.
The good news though is that if I have entries in the PDA companion I want to sync, I've found a consistant way to make it work: I have to go into options on ActiveSync and enable only Pocket Access (deselect all other items), then put my pda in its cradle. When I put the pda in the cradle Pocket Access still dissappears from the sync tasks, but it actually does sync the logbook data! I will be experimenting to see how many of the usual sync items I can have enabled and still have it work, and maybe I can find out which paticular item is causing a problem.

Yes Neal, I know you don't provide PPC support, hope you didn't mind my asking just incase you'd seen this behavior before or had someone else mention it to you.
Sorry my suggestion didn't work for you.

I own a Casio E-125 and have had to do a hard reset in the past. After ensuring I had everything backed up and all of my software keys handy it turned out to be not that big of a deal other than a bit time consuming.

It sounds like, however, you have found a clever workaround to your problem. Good luck!

I'm having the same problem with Pocket Access disapparing. It managed to load the software to my Casseopeia but not the data. Also when I click on logbook pro on the pda i get a bunch of errors saying some files are missing????
Logbook Pro has no interface with Pocket Access so I'm not sure why that's disappearing. Are you using Pocket PC or Pocket PC 2002 OS?

As for the errors, make sure you have installed to the default location and also configured the database import EXACTLY as outlined in the help documentation. Click Help...Contents then the PDA Companions topic, then Pocket PC and Installation help.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
OK Pocket Access must be enabled? That's what I'm getting from this message thread let me know if I'm correct.

Second question: Somewhere (help menu I think) you stated we need to adjust the Sync schedule to only Manually sync and we can't leave it on Continuous? It's sort of a pain to leave on manual and I was wondering if I would run into any serious problems if I left it on Continous?

I'm sure it's got something to do with that %*#@ Pocket Access.

Thanks again Neal for a great product. It's making the CFI business alot easier.


Please read the Pocket PC help topic in the Logbook Pro help file.

Setting to Manual is what is recommended and tested. Try the other options if you choose, it shouldn't be a problem.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Neal, I realize you won't see this until mid June, but I am having the same problem with Pocket Access having a box to check prior to putting my Casio EM-500 in the cradle and then it is not selectable after it starts to sync. Like one of the previous posters did, I deselected everything but Pocket Access prior to putting it in the cradle and it was able to sync with Logbook Pro PC.

Just speculating here, but if you don't have Pocket Access installed on your PPC would that not cause Active Sync to deactivate so to speak the ability to sync Pocket Access files, as it would assume there are no files to sync as Pocket Access is not installed. Just a thought as I believe everyone having this problem does not have Pocket Access installed on their PPC.