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Jun 28, 2016
Hi Aviators,

a general query regarding the log book print out using the Jeppesen format...

This report isn't using the original format which is used on the paper Jeppesen logbooks!
but according to nc-software website this program is using the original Jeppesen log book layout!

Anybody suffering from the same. urgently I need a print out in original jeppesen layout format.
using latest version

Thanks, cheerz
To print from Logbook Pro we recommend the following report for a Jeppesen Style logbook.

Reports....Split Reports....Binder Series....Flight Log Report
All Data
Insert Cover Page & Binder Transitions
Choose YES to Swap Margins for Duplex Printing
Choose NO to Insert Transitions (for most users)
Choose YES to insert a cover page

You may now print to your duplex printer directly from the program or export to PDF and print to your printer from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

For the best results we recommend using our binders and printers.



We also offer printing of your Logbook Book.

If you have further questions please contact via the helpdesk.

thanks for the reply. I followed the instructions above
but still the report is showing the logbook pro layout not the Jeppesen flight log layout...

i am talking about that format! DSC_0112.JPGDSC_0113.JPG
I need a print out in that original Jeppesen Format!!!
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