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Jeppesen Layout


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Feb 28, 2002
Hi Neal,

Thank you again for your rapid responds. The first and only company that will resolve almost anything within one day(if not shorter)

Now for my question. I use a Jeppsen Profesional Pilot Log because of the flexibility with the columns. The same reason I enjoy Using LBP. The only thing I noticed is that the amount of columns in LBP is less then the actual Jeppesen.

I have made columns in my Jepp. for Turbo-prop, Turbo-Jet and part 135. To do this in LBP I am two columns short.

Since I can't make new column I have to change the excisting ones wich might be used in the future (for example if I get my sea ratings).

Could you make the Jeppesen Layout as the actual Prof. Pilot Log OR, make the layout more flexible so that I can add columns.

Thank you in advance.


ps I'm still struggeling with the whole logging in minutes thing. 35 minutes is logged as 0.583333 and this gives small errors in the analyzer. Please bring out a patch for this... Thanx

The Jeppesen report is actually modeled after one of the paper formats, I think it's the Senior, but I can't remember at the moment. Either way, the Jeppesen paper versions have blank columns and then fixed columns of information. The report tried to match that as close as possible, if not exactly, with filling in the blank columns with the most common use data. There is no way to add columns, the only thing you can do is change the data field and formatting of the existing columns.

Can you please explain further your problem with real time to decimal issue? I'm not aware of this and I'm not sure exactly where the problem is. Please explain, and if necessary, create a backup of your data file (File..Archive..Backup) and e-mail the backup to support@nc-software.com with the details for duplicating the issue, or identifying if it's visible in your data file.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
The problem is that everytime I want to use analyzer to add up my month totals I have to export them to excel to see what my exact time is. This because I only receive one digit in the analyzer and that does not tell me the exact amount of minutes. Also the double click function to fill for example my PIC column will convert a 0.583333 to 0.6 in PIC so I have to manually insert the number in every column. (if pictures are needed to support this explanation just let me know)

I love your program I would never switch but I really miss the minutes. I know you are working on that for version 2 but I already deal with this issue since I first tried the program. (about a year ago).

I have seen quite a few updates (some that I didn't consider valueable, but that's no problem due to everybodies different wishes) but every european pilot is waiting for the update to minutes.

Could you otherwise make it a optional patch (just untill 2.0 comes out?).I don't need the option at this point but just minutes. A patch for those people who just want minutes and are willing to toss out the hobbs for now.

It may sound real harsh at this moment but please don't take it that way. I really like the program and recommend it to everyone who is into maintaining a serious record for his/her flights.

Please help the european pilot at this point and I'm sure they will upgrade to version 2 anyways.

Keep up the good work,


ps last question..... date for version 2.0 and PDA???? (sorry)

I'll be dead honest. 1.x of Logbook Pro is pretty much a done deal. A maintenance release will come out in a few weeks which is primarily fixes to reporting issues found. The rest will have to wait for version 2. As for dates, I'd love to tell you a date for both v2 and PDA companions but I have nothing I can announce publicly at this time. I'm sorry.

I don't understand the issue with the Analyzer. Yes, please take screen captures (ALT + PRT SCRN) and either attach them here or e-mail them to support@nc-software.com so I can see the problem if it needs attention with the next mx release. If this is just a ramification of converting from minutes to tenths, then there isn't anything I can do. The good news is that if you are entering Takeoff / Landing times (or OUT/IN) when v2 does release, it will offer the option to recalc your times based on the real time entries. So it's not time lost, you'll eventually get it the way you want.

I know the European community requires this and I wish it was a quick fix. Logbook Pro 1.x is just not meant to be this way, too many things to change, it will have to wait for v2. Hang in there, I promise, it's well into development, however, I want this air tight when it releases, so every element that is developed is thoroughly tested before proceeding to the next element. I want this release to be rock solid and as quality as I can get it!

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.