Junior man day


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Jun 8, 2008
Hey guys,
I am very recently now a line holder (yay!) and, of course, already junior-manned on a day off. I was looking through the payroll categories of the documentation (yes, I looked there first) and the only reference I found was override and it looked like it wanted a dollar amount. I was expecting to be able to enter a percentage such as 150% of credit. Is that dollar amount what is supposed to be added to the base pay rate or am I supposed to enter the new adjusted amount (base rate times 1.5?). Is there a way to tell APDL that everything that day should be at 1.5 base rate? It seems that would be easier. Can I use then apply leg rig and set it to 3:2 150% to accomplish the same thing or does that work differently?
Create a new payroll category for junior man and set up the rig. Use that payroll category for all your flights that day. You can also make a junior man deadhead category as well in case you had any deadhead legs that day.
OK, thanks. It looked like that leg rig was what I wanted but wasn't sure. There was already a category called junior assignment so I just used that. I did create a category that I called displaced for when I was taken off one or more legs but am still getting pay protected for it. That happened today to allow me to deadhead for my overnight to go into my junior manned day.