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Just need want some clarification.


New member
Jan 13, 2014
Ok, So I am using the android app to input flights as completed then syncing those to the desktop. The flights list on my phone now is getting to be pretty long and unmanageable. I saw a thread that almost addressed this question but i wanted to just be certain...

If I go into the flights in the app, delete them, and them sync everything up, is it true that the flights on the PC software will NOT be deleted as well? In short if i want to delete a flight from everything i have delete it in the app AND in the desktop version?


Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001
Hello Chris,

Once flights from your device are synced and confirmed in your PC they should be purged from the device as they serve no purpose from this point forward. Purging data on the device will NOT purge the data on the PC. You can show the menu on the android app and choose the purge option and choose "Purge Synced".

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