Bug Report Last screen displayed not working?


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Aug 31, 2009
I have it set to show the last screen displayed. No matter what screen I'm on though, it always comes back up in the calendar...


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Last screen is only supposed to work when opening from suspended. It doesn’t function when opening from a cold start.

I’ve noticed my phone working less good lately because it’s on its last legs. (Typical apple “its time for you to buy a new phone so yours now sucks”) and I’m pretty sure it’s closing apps in the background when it gets “tough” to run all the apps I have open. Then it seems that it treats every open of APDL as a cold open.

In other words, in my case, I think it’s not APDL’s fault.
How does APDL know what screen to open up to from a cold start then? I rarely use the calendar screen, but it always comes up to that from cold. Must be getting input from somewhere? When I previously had selected to come up to status screen, it always came up to that...

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I should have clarified. If you set “current duty” it only works on app resume. It’s because the sequence of launching the app has to display a screen before it can calculate the current duty (something more technical than that but that’s basically it).

In the case of last viewed, I don’t know 100% what the logic is, but I could see that perhaps it is susceptible to the same limitations I mentioned if the app closes itself in the background.

TL; DR. That’s above my pay grade.