Layout using Report Combiner


Mar 28, 2005

I have created a few reports, all using LANDSCAPE layout. When I use the Report Combiner and choose landscape, my cover page is landscape (I actually dont even want or use a cover page) but the reports I added (Certificates, Ratings, History, etc..) all revert back to PORTRAIT. what gives ??

While I am at it..

1) On the Currency Report, any way to change the format of date (from 15 Sep 2005 to September 15, 2005) in the TITLE BAR?

2) If I combine a bunch of reports, is there a method to swap margins like similar to the split logbook report functionality? If not, I think I can probably swing this in Acrobat.

I am very happy with my output so far and am very happy for all the time and effort to convert my logbook into the Logbook Pro system!


I'd have to check, but try opening the reports you want in Landscape mode individually, change them to Landscape, then go back to the report combiner and see if they recall the orientation.

No, the title bar date format cannot be changed.

No to swapping margins, the report combiner doesn't have that option as it hosts various reports that may not offer this capability. It's a rudimentary system (from the outside view) of simply taking a bunch of reports and combining the pages into one printing solution. Once they are combined, you lose the page setup functionality.

I could have been a bit clearer. All the reports ARE already in landscape mode.. its only when I present them in the Report Combiner do they switch back to Portrait mode.

This is not a huge deal.. I can print them individually since there are only a few of them...

As to the combiner itself, I understand its rudimentary. It'd be nice to be able to put, say.. Certificates report and Ratings Report all onto one page.. but hey we cant have it all. I used to do Access Reports using some VB in a past career and can remember what a pain all that could be!

Once again, great product.

Thanks for lightning speed reply...