LBP can't find PDA data after hotsync


Apr 29, 2003
Hey All,

I am trying LBP 1.9.4 and the Palm Companion on a Sony Clie. I believe I have it all set up as it should be but I am new to this hotsync business. I am getting what appear to be successful syncs.

The problem I have is that when I open LBP after a hotsync with new PDA Companion data available, LBP does not recognize that there is new data to append to the open log from the data que.

What have I missed?


John Moreland

Unfortunately Neal is not available to assist with this one until mid-June. However, I can suggest first to upgrade your computer's operating system from Windows 98. Windows 98 is older and flawed, and we strongly suggest upgrading to Windows 2000 or Windows XP. This alone has solved many a issue.

Jason S. Culiner

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
Thanks, Jason for your observation.

However, I will decline the suggestion to 'upgrade' to XP or Win2000. I have learned over time that you don't fix what isn't broken. I would be careful about telling people that Win98 is flawed and to upgrade to XP given the track record of XP. :) Changing to XP is not an option at this time for several reasons which I don't need to get into here.

I will have to wait for Neal to return and if I have the time, I will continue to experiment.


Understood, but I am getting that answer from him and his previous suggestions and his FAQ. He and I both run Windows XP as do many other users - no issues. Windows 2000 would even be better than Windows 98. The issue is that Windows 98 is a 16-bit operating system, while Windows 2000/XP are 32-bit. Neal programs his newer code to be optimized on 32-bit OS, and thus why so many Windows 98 users have issues. Take a look around in the Palm Companion support forum and you'll see several of his responses say 'upgrade off of Win98'. I do understand that it's sometimes not an option financially, but being in computers, I can tell you for performance and supportability, it is the best option. Check out the other forum and perhaps that will give you some help. Also, make sure you have installed the latest MS MDAC and Jet 4 Service Pack....links are posted in that forum as well.

Thanks for being patient while Neal is away, and bearing with me and my lack of knowledge with the products.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.
I have not installed those 2 components that you mention. I did follow the links but it wasn't obvious as to just what should be installed and from where. When I have time, I will pursue it some more.

As time goes on, I am sure I will run into more instances of software difficulties that will push me to upgrade to XP. Microsoft has said that they will not support Win98 beyone June of this year so my upgrade is not too far away.

Take care,


I'm this still an open issue? I suggest install MDAC and the latest JET4 drivers and this issue will probably resolve itself. However, if you have had successful operation prior to this occuring, I'm not sure what could have gone wrong after successful operation. You may want to try to uninstalling the PDA side, then reinstall. Microsoft ActiveSync 3.7 is out now too, upgrade ActiveSync while your on the operating table.

Let me know if this needs further attention. Thank you for your patience.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.