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Data Blanked & APDL Frozen


Mar 10, 2007
Louisville, KY SDF
Good Afternoon,

I am running APDL on PPC syncing to LBP on an HP Vista x64 laptop, current versions of all software. I attempted to import my March schedule from my Dell Win XP desktop (shared syncing, primary sync is the laptop and have had no issues with this setup for over a year) and received an error while the file downloaded. When I openend up APDL, the data that I filled in for Feb was gone but not the Feb schedule (ie my flight numbers, destinations, scheduled times were all there but all of the actual times, remarks, flight conditions, things I enter duting the course of flying were gone). When I tried to see if the March schedule had made it onto the PDA the unit locked up. After soft resetting, when I start APDL after the main screen finishes loading, I get the error message:

An unexpected error has occured in APDL2004.exe. Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.

Selecting Details yeilds:



No amount of resetting gets me past the error message and back into the program. I have not tried reinstalling yet. Any assistance is greatly appreciated as always.

Hello Joe,

It sounds like you may have a corrupt file. Copy all files from your Pocket PC's /My Documents/APDL folder to your PC and then create a ZIP file of those files and send them to us in a support ticket. We'll investigate further.